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The Garden was a hotbed of activity on United Way’s Day of Caring!  Nine enthusiastic volunteers worked tirelessly for five hours alongside CEG members.  Thanks to everyone’s efforts:

  • A ramp was built at the entry to the shed, making it fully accessbile
  • Posts for upcoming signage were placed in two garden beds
  • A new composter was built and, to the applause of all, christened with its first bucket of compostable material
  • The badly overgrown area behind the western Ecology Garden sign was cleared and prepped for future planting
  • The south side of the Garden received an overall “fluff and tidy”

Many thanks to our Day of Caring volunteers – Rob Franklin, Brian Darling, Lillian Darling, Kyle Snyder, Reid McCrae, Sean O’Grady, Teigan Jarvis, Gavin McNamara and Gord Hanson – for making these projects a reality.